Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Women Making a Difference

I just got back from an association meeting in the legal industry.  It's made up of a wonderful group of women who really care about their part in the legal industry from educating their members in their field and working to create support for breast cancer research and other ways of giving back.  In my networking to support associations that make a difference, I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for the business relationships women are forging. Also the power behind women who come together to support each other in our work for a better Corporate America, to increase the learning in our industries for both small and big business, and the mentoring and coaching going on that isn't even labeled as such.  Women supporting women is a wonderful thing to see and to participate in.  Are you supporting yourself and other women by getting yourself out there and learning how your unique qualities and experience may be useful to groups like these.  Find an association or group that is appealing and just allow yourself to show up to a meeting or two and watch how you can become the power for positive influence.  We all have it!

...not to exclude the men that are also moving to become the power for positive influence.  this was just what surfaced for me today and I thought I'd share it...

Let me know what surfaces for you today...

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