Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday's as Funday's

Monday's sure have gotten a bad wrap over the years.  They've been proven to be the heart attack day, the worst rainy day of the week, and more.  All this negative press for this day that just exists like every other day.  It's how we think about it; how we point fingers at it; how we have programed ourselves to believe in its power.   How silly we've been about just another day of the week.

Since it's quite true that we can talk ourselves into anything ~ Why not talk ourselves into "Monday is a Funday!"  Find the fun in everything you do today, even in the "have to" do's.  And if you can't find the fun, add something to it to make it fun, even if it's just enough to make one corner of your mouth go up into that smile just between you and you!  You are so much fun to be with! ~ and who knows that better than you? ~ even on a Monday!

Think about how many other things you give your power away to and come up with a few ways to reframe them!  Have a great day!  ...your luminosity coach... 

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